Copley Decor
Copley Decor
Coving and Cornice from the UKs leading supplier of
lightweight decorative mouldings


A unique decorative enhancement to a wall opening of any height, of any width

A combination of five components fits every situation

The Copley Classic Archway gives an elegant decorative finish to any opening or recess in a wall.Its ingenious design enables it to adapt readily to any dimensions. It will fit a single doorway - or extend to the full width of a room by adding straight horizontal components. Or it can be used as a decorative feature for a recess. The Copley Classic Archway can be used with or without side columns - to meet your taste and requirements.

The span of pairs of the curved components A, B, and C is about 1 metre,but for a single doorway of less than 1 metre an attractive pointed arch effect is achieved by trimming the leading edges back as required. To order, see the drawing to measure up for your archway and then select the parts you require from the online catalogue. The components are fixed using Copley Decor Grip adhesive. The square corner on parts A and B enables you to easily and accurately locate in the correct position and fills the space above the curve. (If fitting to an already arched opening modify the square section appropriately).

Measure wall thickness. (Standard is for a 140mm thick wall. For less, saw or plane edges of inner components (C and E). For more, add all or part of extra pieces).

Note: the vertical and horizontal components are identical